How Radio Was Done Part 92

Nov. 20, 2008
Radio from 1987 begins with Harry Shearers Reagan and Radio Moscow, and then moves through Proctor & Bergmans /”Power/” and /”Goodbye To Hollywood/” by Ronnie Spector, who then appears on the Howard Stern Show to sing an ode to a news story of the day about a pit bull – /”Eat My Baby./” Then on through the 4th Of July at the California State Fair, A Reagan speech to Berliners accompanied by some German rock, DJs and music of the year, and the best of OTE in 87 with Wang Tool on the Moon.
3 Hours.

One Response to “How Radio Was Done Part 92”

  1. PhantomGuitarist says:

    I’m sure I heard a version of a song by an Irish band in the mix somewhere. Surely that wasn’t kicking around in 1987? SSSSSuddenly I’m confused.