Another UFO (Above and Below)

June, 1995

This final, 5-hour edition of Another UFO for this month deals with ancient religious histories and implications related to an extra-terrestrial intelligence which may have been interacting with life on this planet for a very long time. This historically recent direction in probing the origins of religions is interesting because, in some ways, it actually represents a more “reasonable” explanation for all those varieties of ancient spiritual supernaturalness which, otherwise, we are supposed to either dismiss as ignorant myths created out of no apparent stimulus, or accept as… actually supernatural!

Arthur C. Clarke has said that any contact with a truly superior technology is going to appear to be magic, and that would be as true thousands of years ago as it remains today. We might note that we, ourselves, went from the first powered flight to landing on the moon in 60 years, less than one human lifetime! That seems utterly impossible except that it happened. Once we realize that “intelligence” elsewhere in the universe could be not only thousands, but just as easily millions or billions of years older than ours, almost anything becomes possible. Among other things, our definition of natural might end up being the ignorant myth. So here’s a whole bunch of new possibilities why Christianity may be even more stupid than we thought, or to put it another way, why it may finally make sense! A few of the concepts covered: Angels and aliens, Ezekiel and other Biblical strangeness, the supernatural enigmas pervading ancient civilizations, genetic manipulation of Earths indigenous species to explain the missing link in human evolution, modern UFO encounters indicating an ancient relationship, “The many masks of God”, egos lost and paranoias gained, more on Mexican antiquity and the modern sightings there, and the Reverend Tilt Reptilian hosts an experimental religious call-in show for the next century called, “What Are We Supposed To Think Now?

5 Hours

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