Another UFO (The Phoenix Lights)

December 16, 1999

This show deals exclusively with a great deal of information pertaining to the appearance of an enormous, slow moving, V-shaped formation of lights which moved conspicuously over metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona during the evening of March 13th, 1997. Associated by many with the now familiar huge triangular craft which have been seen elsewhere around the planet for decades, we hear from many of the witnesses among the thousands who saw it, a lot from Francis Barwood, a Phoenix councilwoman who took up the lost cause of investigation and later attempted to run for Secretary Of State on a “UFO ticket,” an elaborate theory on how the whole thing was faked with lasers, and the typical official denials from local government and the military, this time causing more than a little resentment among the large number of citizens who seem to know what they saw… A nice case history of one of the most spectacular mass sightings in recent history.

3 Hours

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