Another UFO (Disclosure)

December 23, 1999

A long look at various means now underway to force some kind of public and official disclosure concerning the simple existence of UFOs. Included are examples from the way the press USED to report this stuff, and numerous very convincing eyewitness reports, most by commercial airline pilots, which don’t leave much doubt that there sure is SOMETHING out there in the air lanes that doesn’t conform to anything that officialdom traditionally invokes to “explain” them.

I like the pilot reports most of all because they are usually once or twice in a lifetime sightings and these people generally know what they are looking at up there. The physical proximity of some of these air to air encounters is truly disconcerting and although we are assured this has happened a lot, few pilots ever come forward before retirement because jobs are at stake. Added to these are some of the approaches to government and the courts by various researchers who want to sue states and the federal government for not protecting us from “invasion” as promised by the Constitution, immunity for military witnesses and government employees in congressional hearings, establishing public petitions and legal affidavits from eyewitnesses among the public, as well as some interesting experiences and insights from an employee of the Ministry of Defense in the U.K. whose job it was to investigate UFO activity over England. At least they openly acknowledge the possibility… Of course all this attempted seriousness is constantly choked off in the public sector by that darling of modern media, ridicule.

3 Hours

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