Another UFO (Twilight Time)

March 28, 2002

Skepticism and in-fighting in the UFO game. But its actually all edited from radio occurring years ago, when Don Ecker, John Lear, Art Bell, and all their researcher friends and enemies discussed the credibility of UFO lore, fact and fiction, from their various media slots. Conspiracy researchers, informational experiencers, believable eyewitnesses to something in the air, and an encyclopedia of whos who and who shouldn’t be. One quote inside a quote from George Knapp: “Theres something wrong with the entire method of this that modern science uses to explain this phenomenon away. It seems to me that true science involves investigation of the unexplained, not an explanation of the uninvestigated.” A small round of applause and the inside info and reasoned trashing by the earth species continues.

3 hours

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