Another UFO (Halloween For Cows)

October31, 2003
Mike Anderson, Don

The history and progress of animal mutilations associated with UFO activity is covered as The Professor and I mix behind various reports, mostly from Linda Moulton Howe, on this 50 year phenomenon occurring all over the world. Extended eyewitness reports and gory descriptions from farmers and ranchers who have had animals subjected to these unexplainable surgical mutilations, the pattern of similarities, and plenty of speculation on the cause and reason. Also involved are frequent unmarked and strangely designed helicopters appearing before and after these scenes of tissue harvesting, frequent UFO (disks) sightings in the area, and the strange pattern of large body bruising and broken legs that suggest the animals, always found in pristine condition with no blood at all at the scene after extensive surgery to remove body parts and internal organs, with no tracks near the carcass even in snow or mud, not even the animals own tracks, and no signs of struggle, could have been dropped where they are found.

5 Hours (2 mp3s)

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