Another UFO (Physics One)

July, 1997

This one is a combination of sighting reports and “quantum weirdness.” The premise being that if they’re out there, some may be very old, and come here clothed in a quantum technology, which appears supernatural to us. A good concrete mix (even from the phones) of many AIRBORNE ONLY sighting descriptions and various physicists and UFOlogists expounding on quantum physics, quantum effects, and the unrealizable realization that at reality’s physical foundation we have discovered the “quantum jump” of instantaneous, timeless, spaceless, “travel.” Also zero point energy, the world views of physics history, the Universe, “God,” and Groucho Marx.

3 Hours

One Response to “Another UFO (Physics One)”

  1. PhantomGuitarist says:

    My dear god if there is one (which there isn’t), OTE has been on for a long long LONG LONG time!!!!!!!!

    Over a thousand years…. Don, you really ARE a dinosaur!