All Art Radio – The Pop Years

June 9, 2005

This is entirely about early-to-late-’60s pop art and music. Mainly, this is about Andy Warhols career in art, from commercial illustrator to high art guru, and how the concept of popularized celebrity entered the NYC fine art world, along with the seriously impressive work that expressed it, changing American art forever. Listen to Bob Dylan (the other ’60s pop artist featured extensively here) making /”Like A Rolling Stone./” Watch extremely boring movies that resulted from turning on the camera and just letting it run. Notorious glamor and fashion becomes an artistic goal amid the production of artworks in multiples mirroring our commercial landscape of mass product presences, and POP goes the art market. And it ruined a lot of people. /”Everybody warned me not to go near Andy Warhol…/”

3 Hours

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