A Very Boopy Christmas

Dec. 25, 2008
Negativland – Mark Hosler, Jennifer Bennett, Don.
Park ‘n Meter join Izzy Isn’t for Negativland’s “A Very Boopy Christmas” show. In the process, we’re rehearsing some of the material for an upcoming New Years Eve performance of “The Booper Symphony” in San Francisco. Along with a lot of mixing with boopers galore, there’s all kinds of Christmas music manipulation, holiday clips and bits, some older Negativland “razor tapes,” a live rendition of “Car Bomb,” and Director Of Stylistic Premonitions, Crosley Bendix, proclaims the end of music.
3 Hours.

2 Responses to “A Very Boopy Christmas”

  1. Syd Onion says:

    This show was great…I had a wonderfully boopy christmas! I listened to the weatherman’s shoutcast broadcast at the same time and the mix of the show with the drip, drip, drip of the melting snow was perfect.
    And I agree with Crosley Bendix, there is no new music, just recycled sounds.

  2. Chocolate Cat says:

    Eventhough I all ready have the notion that this was yet again another tremendous & outstanding listening experience; before shooting my big mouth like one tends to do; let me listen to it first…it is never to late for a good Xmas…at least that’s what someone once told me…

    PS Happy 09 & wishing you gangbangers love, health, abundant financial circumstances (!), fair use and the best cleared and/or unauthorized sample usage ever plus BigUps to that Bad Dude Called Bendix…

    Somebody has to show us how it’s done.