How Radio Was Done Part 97

(Jan. 22, 2009- Solo)
Still more of 1987, and we rove through some of the crazy top 40 DJs on the air that year, the music they played and some they didn’t, Larry King and a panel discusses the pros and cons of AM vs. FM, a BBC show playing only songs that are less than two minutes long, an ode to old radio from NBC, and still more of the more odd music appearing in 1987.
3 Hours.

3 Responses to “How Radio Was Done Part 97”

  1. PhantomGuitarist says:

    Listened to half of this from the lo-fi download, will check it out in its intended glory. Was very amused to hear Frank Sidebottom and enjoyed the mix-tape discussion (though this was surely later than 87 given the references to iPods etc.)

    I used to make mix tapes myself, but ACTUAL MIXES of different songs together in a stream. When my mates started going on about mix tapes I assumed they were meaning the same and was disappointed when they were just different WHOLE songs on a tape.

    Unfortunately I did not have the foresight of the Weatherman and none of those tapes survived. I do remember that one was called “Mad Psychos With Knives And Guns And They Are Coming To Kill You”, or the more succinct “MPWKAGATACTKY” I can’t remember my moniker back then.

  2. Joel says:

    The playlist for this episode on KPFA does not seem to be correct. What was that hiphop track with the synthesizer chorus that was played just before the Foetus song around 2 hours and 10 minutes in?

  3. Izzy Isn't says:

    I don’t remember. I don’t write anything down. Too busy. Sorry, no back announcing on OTE.