The Eminem Show

September 25, 2003

I have already been summoned by KPFA to explain this program and why it doesnt follow the language rules of radio. Three solid hours of Eminem music and Eminem talk, some of it edited for language and some not, which in contrast certainly points out how language censorship mutilates the music of Eminem to ruination if nothing else. With constant reminders of this “parental guidance” format, we cover Eminems career, the media controversy surrounding his emergence, the 2001 Grammy performance with Elton John, and various media commentary and criticism about this guy who is, in the end, a great vocal musician and a genius innovator in cultural button pushing. The last Over The Edge? Well see.

3 Hours

One Response to “The Eminem Show”

  1. MentalMan says:

    This show is great.
    Don’t know why Don feels bad about it.