Amen Seat

March 19, 2009
Jon Leidecker, MaryClare Brz, Don.
A special drop-in, pop up, insert show. Wobbly and MaryClare Brz, are Amen Seat, and they play live so called music for about an hour. Your host, Crosley Bendix, then repeats a cultural review on the end of music for Wobbly who wants to record it for a lucrative WebNet deal. He also interviews Crosley about Negativland history and collage. The final hour is a dense mix of musical examples that typify everything the previous hour was talking about.

3 Hours.

2 Responses to “Amen Seat”

  1. PhantomGuitarist says:

    I liked this one. A nice diversion from the HRWD series. The interview lasts around an hour, but seems to fly by when you are listening.

  2. Eepaw says:

    The first hour isn’t that bad, what was Wobbly so worried about? The second hour is a surprisingly straight-forward interview, and the third hour has some interesting mash-ups. Do the kids still call them that?
    In summary, good show. But Bendix is wrong. Every generation wants to be the last, but there is some form of auditory squant just around the corner.