How radio was done Part 102

March 26, 2009

Starting off the 1988 Time Zone again with The Weathermans Tick Tock story, Truth In Advertising, and some other early Negativland dialog edits, along with 88 DJ air checks, lots of Receptacle Programming, and Soviet mind alteration via broadcasting mega electronic impulses. Crosley Bendix reviews dance, The Weatherman records Thanksgiving cooking, and the best of OTE brings us right back to Time and Time Zones.

3 Hours.

2 Responses to “How radio was done Part 102”

  1. PhantomGuitarist says:

    I can’t ever seem to be able to tell the difference between peas and watermelons either…

  2. Thibodeaux says:

    Does anyone know what that French song was that a caller played for Suicide Man?