About the OTE Archives

The most recent month’s worth of Over The Edge shows will always be free, but for those of you who want to dig deeper, Negativland has begun the slow process of digitizing nearly every single Over The Edge show ever broadcast.

It will eventually be more than 1000 shows, and add up to over 4000 hours of weekly live-mix radio broadcasts! The time and effort it takes to convert and digitize this archive is ongoing and enormous, so we are asking for a small “donation” of $3.00 from you for each show that you download. This money will help offset the expenses involved in creating and maintaining the OTE Archive, and the amount is the same whether it’s a 3-hour or 5-hour show.

Please let us know your thoughts about this on the Write Anything Here pages. We hope it seems like a fair deal.


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In addition, all new shows end up posted on the Negativland FaceBook Page so if you like that better, check it often.